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Cocoa Colony

A chocolate cafe as good as gold.

Cocoa Colony is a chocolate brand that tells the story of two brothers who discovered the many benefits of cocoa beans when they found themselves stranded in Ecuador after their ship capsized during the Colonial Period. With its healing properties and delicious aroma, the precious cocoa beans became known as the “Amazonian Gold” when the brothers brought them back to their homeland. We felt the need to retell the story in elaborate details through meticulous typography and material choices during the creation of the brand. Gold was embellished with great intent to emphasise the affection we have for the product. While we strived to be truthful to the Colonial era, authenticity was relaxed for certain touch points intentionally for practicality.

Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging

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Creative Direction Edwin Tan
Project Management Janice Teo
Design Jasmine Lee