EDL Laminates

Turning a traditional laminate company into a source of inspiration for creatives.

EDL is a Singapore-based company that designs and manufactures high-quality laminates for architects and interior designers.

Founded by their father and now in the hands of three sisters, EDL wanted to update their brand image to speak to a new generation. Bravo refreshed EDL’s visual identity to give the brand global currency, repositioning the local family business as innovators in the international market. To commemorate their 10th birthday, we breathed new life into their business cards, website, newsletter, annual catalogue and showroom — starting with the logo.

Branding, Packaging, Graphic Design, Website

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Intentional Simplicity

A brand new logo.

Our creative strategy was deeply informed by EDL’s vision to inspire all kinds of spaces and designers. To give the brand a clean and confident identity, clean lines form the new logo and even the Chinese family seal. This simple logo can sit on any material and pattern, expressing EDL’s versatility and spirit of innovation. It hints at play, creativity and endless possibility.

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Pick a Card

You name it, they've got it.

20 patterns were curated from EDL’s range to create their name cards, highlighting the diversity of their laminates — from edgy to colourful, classic to luxury. Employees are now able hand out the right card to suit each client they meet.


Let's Start Over

A refreshed website and newsletter.

Big text and full screen search. Vibrant background patterns to inspire. This was the approach to the website, immersing users in a flow of visual discovery. The annual newsletter also took on a new look and creative direction, diving into themes such as the role of play in creativity.

The Annual Affair

An inspiring catalogue.

Catalogues can be more frustrating than inspiring. Eliminating the need to repeatedly flip to the content page, the content bar is printed on the spine of the inner cover so users can focus on getting inspired.

Each year, a new visual concept is explored for the catalogue to convey the brand’s spirit of innovation. For instance, 2015 focused on colour and geometric shapes. In 2016, satellite images of the earth’s landscapes act as a contrast to how laminates mimic natural textures of stone and wood. These images were used as dividers to categorise the laminates by colour.

In 2017, EDL noticed that interior designers were sticking to laminates that worked for them in the past, and were unlikely to try new patterns or materials. To give them courage, the name “Limitless” was chosen. For the dividers, quotes about possibility and exploration are supported by graphics, typography design and print finishing.

Let's Multiply

A platform for collaboration.

As part of the brand’s ongoing evolution, a platform for creative collaborations was born. Lines from the logo were taken to create an “X” that would seamlessly attach EDL’s logo to its partner’s, creating “EDLX”. The way finding systems, direct mailer invitations, brochures and interactive door gifts were also designed for each collaboration.

In EDL’s collaboration with K2LD Architects, an innovative design material was showcased. To exhibit this new material, the idea of a “hive” was conceived. Large sheets of laminate were rolled to form a physical “hive” to step in to, where visitors could come up close with the material and be inspired. Direct mailer invitations also allowed recipients to interact with the paper and create their own hive.

Divide and Conquer

A (show)room to play.

EDL built a brand new showroom designed to allow reconfiguration. Taking a cue from this, the showroom “EDL Division” to express the idea of endless possibility. The logo “divides” into alphabets, stretching to fill any space it needs to occupy. Animated and projected, the logo adds dynamism to the showroom and expresses EDL’s confidence, versatility and experience.