Ground Zero

An immersive gym experience that taps on your survival instincts.

Ground Zero is a spin and boxing studio that pushes one’s limits through immersive, high-energy experiences filled with light and sound. Bravo conceived of a place where the rhythm of the music builds your energy, while the dark space, raw concrete and neon lights exude dystopian vibes that awaken your survival instincts.

Concept, Branding, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics


Do or Die

Creating a brand story.

We imagined a gym that would speak to regular folk instead of the gym rat. A place that could evoke a sense of urgency and push anyone towards radical change. In this dystopia, you will be empowered and challenged to change your lifestyle. Your limits will be tested, but your survival instinct will keep you going.


Starting From Zero

It's all in the name.

A new beginning. The origin of intense change. “Ground Zero” represents the start of your fitness journey. Everyone is welcome, no matter how fit you are. There is no judgement here, only fuel to push you closer to who you want to be. 


Urban Decay

The interior concept.

We drew inspiration from cyberpunk to create a gritty setting contrasted with technology, futuristic elements and neon lights. The raw concrete finishings tell a story of rapid change, where there was no time to make things perfect. At Ground Zero, it is dark for a reason. No matter what shape you’re in or what you’re wearing, the attention will never be on you.


Reaction Time

A system for the logo and icons.

The stop watch. Commonly used to record speed in sports, it is a modular and dynamic digital interface that symbolises reaction and the start of intense activity. It acknowledges our digital future and a never-say-die attitude. This logo is able to change itself, and within this one simple system — an alphabet, an icon, an arrow — anything is possible. The logo’s systematic display is also a nod to the rigidity of a dystopian future.


Creative Direction Edwin Tan
Project Management Carisia Chew
Design Shermaine Wee
Animation Sky Tan
Space Design eightytwo